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Betsy, here. I had the chance today to spend some time talking with Whitney English about her presentation for our upcoming retreat. We chatted about all of the things she feels she can share with this community of creative women. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn so much from Whitney over the last year after meeting her last fall at Savvy Workshop {a wonderful workshop for portrait photographers}. Her encouragement and wisdom is a big reason I had the courage to pursue creating this community of wedding photographers. We talked about purpose and authenticity and the importance of taking the time to identify your goals, values, talents and passions. I shared with her how grateful I am that she spoke confidence into me and gave me permission to believe that I could do something great to encourage women and through this and my own business, do something great to meet the needs of my family. I know it sounds like all talk and fluff. Stay with me. When you’ve had the privilege of learning from Whitney and then you take that leap and pursue something great, something you believe in, and you pursue it with all of your heart, this happens. You receive an email from someone who gets it, who appreciates what you’ve done, and who literally speaks affirmation into your heart and sends you on your way. Maybe it’s a letter of gratitude from a client who received the best of your creativity and talent and loves you for it or maybe it’s an email saying that the editorial shoot you dreamed of and finally saw to fruition is going to be featured in print in one of the top bridal publications. It’s the fulfillment that comes from doing what you love and loving what you do!


Dear Betsy & Katie,

I’ve been a photographer for a few years and I’ve just made the leap to fine art wedding photography. While I was deep into my research I found your retreat.

I had to tell you both how inspiring and wonderful I think this project is. By fostering a community of women who share a passion for beautiful story-telling, you are making the world feel smaller. I love that you’ve brought together women who I can look up to who are willing to share their excitement and insight with those newer to the industry like myself.

I deeply appreciate what you two have manifested. Although I can’t afford it this year, you can bet that one of these days you’ll see my name in registration. Bliss and Bokeh is something that I will really be looking forward to!

All the best,



I’m so grateful to this sweet new friend for taking the time to reach out to us! We are blessed by your kind words, and I hope we’ll have the chance to meet you soon!




{source: Whitney English}

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