Bliss & Bokeh | KISS Giveaway: Winner!


We’re so excited to have partnered with KISS Books to offer one lucky winner a $500 credit towards new KISS samples! We love their gorgeous new linen and leather color options! I’m so happy today to be able to finally announce the winner of our big $500 KISS giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered, and thank you to KISS Books for this amazing offer! With the help of Random Results, we have randomly chosen one winner…. Jashim Jalal, a talented wedding photographer out of New York! Jashim, we’ve checked out your work and love your site – especially your happy dance! Congratulations, and enjoy!!! Email us at hello{at} to redeem your credit!

Everyone else… don’t forget our early registration ends in just two weeks on June 15! Save $105 on your registration fee to Bliss & Bokeh by securing your spot before then! We hope to meet you in October!




{image by KT Merry}

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