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What’s a typical day like for you?

6am | I am feeding my 3 month old, Irving, while snuggling with my one year old, Linus, so that hopefully he will sleep another hour.

9am | I’ve been at my computer for a while answering emails, starting calls if they are also on the east coast, and or putting together some upcoming project.

12pm | I am trying to pull myself away from emails to go to the kitchen to make some lunch, I might also be feeding the baby if he slept late that day.

3pm | I am back in my office, probably back on the computer, probably still trying to finish some emails, or on a call or video chat with someone on the west coast, or working on an upcoming project.

6pm | I am feeding the baby, talking to the rest of the family about their day, and strategizing about dinner plans….checking Pinterest for some recipe ideas, cross-checking that with what’s in the fridge, and if there’s not a good match, getting everyone’s vote on where they want to go out to eat or pick up dinner.

9pm | Hopefully Linus is asleep, and I’m probably telling the two big kids to be “still and quiet” in their “own rooms” as they continue to sneak into each others rooms and giggle upstairs. I am probably holding Irving and unwinding a bit with my husband before he “hits the wall”–he is a morning person and wakes up super early and therefor is tired super early…I’ll stay up several more hours so I can have some quiet me-time.

How do you balance work and family?
The best hope I have for balancing my work and personal life is to try to be 100% present at what I’m doing. When I’m working, I am most efficient and giving my best work if I can be totally focused on that. When work hours are over, I try to turn work off completely and be totally present with my family. There is always going to be that tension and paying attention to that tension is good. You need to know if work is suffering or if your family is suffering and what needs to be done to fix it. Usually you can keep both in a pretty good place but every once in a while there is a conflict where one has to suffer and I always want my family to win. I hate to let my work suffer but I would hate more to let my family suffer. When it comes to that place, I just let my client know about the circumstance and they almost always are very understanding, willing to reschedule (or whatever), and ultimately respect the decision.

What has been one critical decision you’ve made regarding your business?
A pivotal decision in my career was to choose to bravely and trustingly pursue what I felt I was made to do; to commit to working in my strengths rather than any preset job description and trust that doing so would work out well.


We are incredibly grateful to each of the women who have agreed to contribute their talent and wisdom to make this retreat a wonderful experience for our attendees! While most of you were first introduced to this event through our beautiful brand and amazing lineup of speakers, it was little more than a big idea when I first approached Joy. I am so thankful that she, along with a few others, took the time to see my vision, to believe in this community, and to agree to lend her expertise! If you’re not already following Joy on Instagram, you must! We love keeping up with Joy’s adventures with her four little ones, and seeing where her work takes her, including this one Joy took recently while working in Big Sur.

Joy is truly gifted, and her decision to pursue her passion and trust in her strengths is one that has blessed this industry and undoubtedly everyone who has worked with her. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for our shoot at Middleton Place!





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