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We can’t say enough about one of our sponsors from the 2013 Bliss & Bokeh retreat, ONA, a company whose vision is simple, to combine functionality and style to provide camera bags that complement our life and style. We were incredibly grateful when ONA offered to donate this gorgeous Brooklyn style bag, a chestnut leather camera bag for our retreat. This particular style, although we would all love one of each, is perfect for an engagement shoot or for traveling or simply a day out on the town! Although it was tough to let it go (and the bag is now on the top of my short Christmas wish list), we had so much fun giving it away! We held a contest during the retreat, and chose one instagram image from our shoot to select the lucky recipient. Our beautiful and talented winner, Melanie Gabrielle, pictured above and also the woman behind the lens for each of these images, has reported that she LOVES her bag and carries it daily!


Thank you, ONA, for your generosity to this community! Photographers, as you make your own wish list this holiday season, I can’t say enough about ONA’s great selection of products! Amazing quality, practicality AND style… Always a winner where we’re concerned! In fact, head on over now and see all of the ONA bags! The Brooklyn, Chelsea and Palmer are all my favorites! What’s yours?

Stay tuned as we reveal more lovely details from Bliss & Bokeh 2013!

{images by Melanie Gabrielle}






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