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Kind words from one of our talented, inspiring Bliss & Bokeh 2013 alumni, Sawyer Baird…

“Bliss & Bokeh has been a breathe of fresh air for not only myself but my business. The knowledge that I took away from this experience is something that affects me in my career day to day. When I signed up for Bliss & Bokeh I had no idea what I was getting into. I had dropped out of college to pursue my career in photography. When in school I found that film photography was the right path for me. I had bought Jose Villa’s book and fell in love with artistic vision and the timeless elegance that film photography has. It instantly felt like home to me. When I started looking to further my career and expand my knowledge I found Bliss & Bokeh. This workshop had everything I could imagine learning. I was the last person to sign up… and what an amazing adventure it was for me! Such a fun fact to all this is I got my Contax a week before the workshop… it really was fate!

What I took away from the workshop was not only some of my closest friends but the knowledge that drives me in my career. During the workshop I really learned a lot about myself as an artist. Along with learning about myself as an artist I learned about the things that drove me and inspired me. When seeing all these things that I had dreamed about come to life I learned that dreams can come true and that nothing is impossible. I had no idea about the fine art wedding community. So it was so nice to finally find my place. I loved being able to connect with such amazing vendors and getting such amazing advice from them as well. Some of the things that really stood out to me were styled shoots and the details that were in everything we did. I loved being able to watch Joy Thigpen style so many details. At that moment I was learning to not only be a photographer but an artist with my work.

During the workshop I only shot one roll of film. People call me crazy- sometimes I even ask myself why I did that. I could have had so much more amazing content for my website. The truth is I had just learned to roll 120 film, I didn’t think shooting would allow me to gain the knowledge I was after, and I just didn’t want to spend time shooting when I learn from watching others. So instead of shooting I sat back and watched KT Merry shoot, Joy Thigpen style, and really got to tune in to their vision. A couple moments that stood out to me was when Joy placed the cake where she placed it, due to lighting and the setting, another thing was watching Joy style the bride’s dress. She was very intentional with where she placed her hands and where she told her to grab her dress. These are just a few things that stood out that I still think of when I am shooting.

Overall Bliss & Bokeh has given me so much to be thankful for. I made the most amazing friends (that I still talk to daily), amazing industry advice, learned about styled shoots, how to build my portfolio, attracting my dream clients, ways to get published, the direction that I wanted to take my business, and just so much about myself as an artist and photographer. It has made me tune in to so many important things with my photography and made me more aware of my surroundings & the little details in everyday life. I am beyond grateful for this experience and I highly recommend it to anybody looking to expand their business and their own artistic mind.”

Sawyer Baird


We adore Sawyer, and we couldn’t be prouder of her amazing growth since Bliss & Bokeh 2013! Thank you, Sawyer, for sharing your heart and your experience at Bliss!


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